hairypolack (hairypolack) wrote in georgecarlin,

Jack Burns

Georges original partner.

what did he sound/ look like?

I search on his name on youtube and got:

an old burns and allen album, and I can barely tell the voices apart- (Carlin is making his voice cartooney)

the youtube search also gave me

but I dont think thats the same guy. THAT jack burns is that generic square jawed deep voiced actor we saw on TV all the time in the 70s in various parts
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on the other hand

is a link from carlins imdb page ( carlin > burns.. this video) and that voice IS that generic 70s guy

if thats him, I remember him from "FRIDAYS" ( ABS's answer to SNL) I remember thinking he seemed really square compared to everyone else on that show!
It is indeed the same guy. Just much younger when he worked with George.
Try looking for Avery Schrieber, Jack was more famous as his partner in the late 60's and early 70's.
"Yeah" "Huh?" "Yeah" "Huh?" "YEAH!"
Burns was also a Muppet writer (for the show and the first movie)
I have an album from them in '63 if you'd want me to upload some.
dont do it on my account

neat hearing that one on youtube- it doesnt hold up very well